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Friendship and Exchange Agreement Formalized with Nakatsu City

Jan 20, 2006

A relationship of cooperation between Nakatsu City and APU was formalized on January 16 with the signing of a Friendship and Exchange Agreement at the Oita Prefectural offices.

Prior to signing the agreement, APU President Monte CASSIM explained the background and contents of the agreement and afterwards Nakatsu City Mayor SHINGAI Masakatsu and APU President Monte CASSIM signed the agreement in the presence of Oita Governor HIROSE Katsusada, and the Nakatsu City Council Chairman KAJITANI Kiyoshi.

The Oita Governor HIROSE Katsusada expressed his hopes for a closer relationship between Nakatsu City and APU, and Nakatsu City Mayor SHINGAI closed the ceremony by sharing his hopes of drawing on the human and intellectual resources of APU and strengthening the cooperative relationship to revitalize Nakatsu City.

Nakatsu City expressed that they aim to create a comfortable living environment which draws on its rich natural environment, history and culture and that they value connecting with people. As an international education and research institution, one of the main things APU is striving to do is to bring the regions together in order to cultivate human resources which can contribute to the future creation of the Asia Pacific. Nakatsu City and APU hopes to continue to strength their ties in the future.

APU has close cooperative ties with 8 self governing bodies within and outside of Oita Prefecture including Nakatsu City, and carries out promotional regional activities and educational exchanges.

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