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APU Circle, PRENGO Awarded the 5th SONY Marketing Student Volunteer Fund

Feb 6, 2006

PRENGO's work on international cooperation activities in Thailand was last year awarded the "One Village, One Product in Oita Prefecture Award" by the Oita OVOP International Exchange Promotion Committee and also received an "Award for Contributing to Society" by the Soroptimist Japan Foundation. PRENGO was also the recipient of the 5th SONY Marketing Student Volunteer Fund for its local support work in Thailand which will commence in February 2006.
PRENGO is a student NGO established in April 2003 to carry out education assistance activities and community development work in Thailand. Based on their principle, "Think globally and make a movement" their main activities thus far have included assistance in elementary schools in Rayon Prefecture and surrounding districts, and giving lectures on AIDS, drugs and international cooperation.

From 2004 PRENGO commenced the promotion of the One Village, One Product Movement within Thailand. Their work focused on the product development of OTOP assisted areas. Last year, the students had the opportunity to exchange opinions with the Thai Secretary of State and members of the Thai Congress who made a special visit to APU, and they also had the chance to talk with Mr. Somkit Jatusriphitak the Thai Deputy Prime Minister and the Thai Minister of Commerce at the One Village, One Product Summit in Xian, China, and promised to pursue activities that would lead to community development in Thailand.

The circle has planned a 17 day trip to Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Rayon in Thailand from February 5, 2006. PRENGO will exchange their views at Chiang Mai University; and carry out various activities at their affiliated primary schools and in the surrounding districts. PRENGO aims to increase the quality of local products, promote literacy education and stimulate local development through various health services activities.

A member of PRENGO, SAKAI Sotaro (APS 2) commented that they hope the areas that they are assisting will be able to eventually become independent. This award will be a good opportunity for us to make further efforts to increase the quality of life for people in Thailand and to improve the educational standards.

PRENGO will use the SONY Marketing fund towards on-sight research in Thailand for the further development of agricultural, educational, and local industries.

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