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APU Plays Host to World-Renowned Pianist Martin Helmchen

Feb 28, 2006

On Tuesday 6 December 2005, APU was honoured to play host to world-renowned pianist Martin Helmchen who performed a piano recital at the Millennium Hall.

The recital consisted of exquisite renditions of familiar classical pieces. Mr. Helmchen's years of disciplined study were evident in his dexterity as he astounded the audience with his rendition of Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman (more commonly known as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star). Other pieces by Debussy and Schumann completed the night's performance.

Born and raised in the former West Berlin, Mr. Helmchen's musical career started at the age of six when he first took up the piano. After reunification he had the opportunity to study in East Berlin communist-style schools which placed a heavy emphasis on particular fields such as sports or music. Mr. Helmchen's constant hard work paid off with the opportunity to study in London allowing him to further his training which culminated in him being conferred with the Young Artist of the Year Award for 2004.

After the recital Mr. Helmchen had the following message for APU students: "I hope that everybody finds their own special talent that they are blessed with and experiences the joy that it brings; in the way I found music. And that they experience how much fun hard work is when it involves using this talent. Thanks once again for the warm welcome and hospitality - and all the best to everyone at APU."

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