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20th Japan Korea Student Forum

Aug 2, 2004

The 20th Japan - Korea Student Forum shall be held in Korea (Seoul) from August 2 to August 16. At this forum 20 students from Japan and 20 students from Korea participate in a discussion, held in English, on the subject of "Creating a New Future Together with Neighbors". This will help to further promote friendly relations between the students.
The forum has been held since 1986 and the venue alternates between Japan and Korea each year. At the forum various issues concerning both countries are discussed from a wide perspective, as well as symposiums, field trips, culture introduction and home stays carried out to provide the necessary mutual understanding for the creation of Korea Japan relations.

The following 4 APU Students shall participate:

Camps and study sessions for the participants have been held since December 2003. Preliminary camp and training has been carried out until immediately prior to the forum, beginning on August 2.
MUTO Hisashi (APS 2)
YASUDA Marie (APM 2)
KANNO Sachika (APS 2)

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