Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University



"Usuki Gion" Festival

Jul 11, 2004

"Usuki Gion" Festival held on Sunday, 11th July and 21 APU students, including 14 international students from 13 countries and 7 domestic students, took part in carrying "Mikoshi", a portable shrine. This activity is part of the exchange programs based on communication agreement between Usuki city and APU. APU students carried the first "Mikoshi", which is the heaviest of the 3, by turns with the public officials of Usuki city, officials of Usutsuseki Development Bureau, Oita prefecture etc. The length of the whole journey is about 1 kilometer and it starts from "Yasaka" Shrine, which is located in the center of Usuki City, to "O Tabisho" of Yasaka Shrine, which is located in "Kitakaizoe" area. On that day, around 2,000 people joined the procession of carrying a "Mikoshi" in this festival. Major, Goto Kunitoshi took the duty of carrying the first ‘Mikoshi’ in the front. He encouraged students and said, ‘it`s great to have APU students here. Please come again!

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