Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University



The 2nd Ritsumeikan Asia-Pacific University Business Plan Contest

Nov 7, 2004

On November 10, the 2nd Ritsumeikan Asia-Pacific University Business Plan Contest was held on campus. Eight presentations were given based on submitted business plans.Four presentations were made in Japanese and English respectively, and students based their plans on their studies and life’s experiences. Each presenter answered questions regarding profitability and about any unique factors relating to their proposals. As the presenters responded to questions, they promoted the good points of their plans.

No business plan was awarded the Special Prize, but three plans were presented with awards. The 1st place award went to five APM second-year students including Mr. IKENISHI Ryo. Mr. Nakamura Yudai (APM 4) received 2nd place, and three APM third-year students including Ms. SUN Lili received 3rd place.

Thanks to the support of the APU-Club Domestic Students' Association, the three commended groups obtained the right to participate as panelist members (on December 5) at the upcoming "7th National Conference for the Japanese Academic Society for Venture and Entrepreneurs" (held during December 4-5).

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