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NHK Sports Seminar Attracts Large Audience

Apr 25, 2006

NHK Sports Seminar Attracts Large Audience

On Wednesday, April 19 APU cosponsored an on-campus sports seminar with NHK Oita Station. The NHK baseball commentator and former Hiroshima Toyo Carp player, Mr. OHNO Yutaka was invited to give the guest lecture. His speech title was "I have no regrets about my chosen path."

The seminar was divided into two sessions and during the first half Mr. AIZAWA Hidefumi, a technical employee for the NHK Oita Station, spoke in detail about digital Hi-Vision.

The second half of the seminar commenced with Mr. SUGISAWA Ryo, an announcer from the NHK Oita Station, speaking with Mr. OHNO Yutaka and introducing colorful snippets of his long career.

Drawing on his years of experience, Mr. OHNO encouraged the younger generation in the audience to have a clear vision for the future and to not be preoccupied with failing. Mr. OHNO stressed the need for young people to have good manners. "It doesn't take too many words to greet someone, but it leaves a good impression," stressed Mr. Ohno.

The seminar concluded with Mr. Ono's final message – "Place value on your own worth and love your job, love others and love yourself!" Over 170 students and local citizens attended the lecture and listened attentively to Mr. Ono's interesting talk.

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