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Sri Lanka Week at APU

Dec 8, 2004

As part of the ongoing series of multi-cultural weeks here at APU, this week is the turn of our Sri Lankan Students.

In addition to some spicy additions to the menu in the Student Union, the students have worked together to provide us with a feast of entertainment and exhibits ......

One of the highlights of the week is the "surprise" in the Cafeteria, we can't say any more here, you'll just have to go there and check it out for yourself.

If you are on-campus, you can't but help notice the increase in color and music, with many of our Sri-Lankan Students in traditional dress, and sharing their traditional music with all of us.

It's an extra special time for our Sri-Lanka connections, as the multi-cultural festival coincides with a visit to our campus on December 9th, by the Sri-Lanka Ambassador, including a seminar for students.

The week culminates with "Sri-Lankans On Stage", a special concert in the Millenuium Hall from 6.00pm on December 9th. This festival of Sri-Lankan Culture will feature Music, Dance, Costume and a few other surprises.

Over 50 students have worked towards the production, chaired by Sajitha Perera.

You really must not miss what promises to be a colorful, entertaining and who knows, maybe even an educational event! But certainly a lot of fun!

From all of us, to you, our Sri-Lankan Students - A heartfelt thanks for all your efforts!

For more details, see the posters around campus!

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