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Special Lecture by Academic Advisor Dr. Ronald DORE

May 24, 2006

A special lecture and RCAPS Contemporary Asia Pacific Seminar were held on 17 May 2006 to welcome APU Academic Advisor and Professor Emeritus of London University Dr. Ronald Dore. Dr. Dore has been involved in research of Japanese society and industry for half a century and is a leading figure in research that introduced Japanese-style management to the world.

The theme of his lecture was "Ancient Asia and Future Asia". Dr. Dore gave as an example the fact that the "Three Kingdom Saga" of Chinese history, which was also a well known book amongst common people in Japan during the Edo Period, is something that people are getting acquainted with in the modern age through the medium of a computer game. He said that the people of Japan, Korea, China and other neighboring countries are preserving their shared traditions and culture in a similar fashion. Just as history was passed through books and then games, we should acknowledge that there is a link between ancient and modern Asian culture and resources. In fluent Japanese he continued to state that we should build a beneficial relationship between the countries of Asia for the future.

In the question and answer session Dr. Dore was asked many questions regarding relationships between Japan and other Asian countries. When asked about the issue of territory, Dr. Dore stated that he didn't know what country any given territory belongs to, but that rather than asserting ownership rights, the fact that it is wrong to fight over an issue such as this should be strongly emphasized. He said that a better proposal would be to leave judgment on such issues to an international court of law.

The seminar that followed in English was entitled "Whose company is it and whose should it be?" touched on issues of ownership and possession within industry.

Approximately 170 students and members of the public were in attendance and listened intently to Dr. Dores' well delivered presentation.

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