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Extension of the President's medical leave


Aug 3, 2021

President Deguchi has been undergoing medical treatment since January of this year. He had originally planned to be discharged from the hospital in July after completing his rehabilitation and return to his duties in August. The President is recovering well and is scheduled to leave the hospital on August 10. However, he will need to continue rehabilitation for some time after his discharge, so he will be focused on recovery for the rest of the year.

For the duration of President Deguchi's absence, Vice President Yoneyama will continue to serve as Acting President as stipulated in Paragraph 3 of Article 4-2 of the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Regulations and the University is operating as usual.

We would like to ask that you please refrain from directing any individual inquiries concerning the President’s condition to the University. Thank you for your understanding.

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

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