Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University



Campus by Candlelight

Dec 20, 2004

A couple of days ago, the Lasting Light night event was held for the first time in APU. Planned and managed by the APU Spirit Committee, the event wrapped the APU Campus in a fairy-tale-like atmosphere. Over 4000 bamboo sticks with candles inside were put all around the campus. There were even candles floating in the fountain.

APU Spirit was founded by a couple students that were part of the first intake of APU. The aim of the circle is to preserve the original spirit of APU and transfer this spirit to the younger students. For this event, some 30 second- and third-year students were supporting APU Spirit in the organization of Lasting Light. The choice of putting candles up around the campus was made because of the symbolic value of fire.

For a new event like this, it was naturally necessary to get permission from the Student Office. Going through the process of getting permission and making sure the whole organization of the event runs smoothly was a challenging task. However, the students also found it a very interesting experience, from which they learnt many things. Especially valuable was the way in which senior and junior students worked together, learning from each other.

Apart from the amazing sight of 4000 candles displayed in the cool winter night, the event also featured the projection of photographs. Using a computer and a projector, photographs of APU were shown on the outside wall of the Student Union building.

All in all, this was a very special event, completely different from daytime events like the university festival or the language weeks. Given its success, we can be looking forward to more nighttime events on the APU Campus.

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