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Win by APU Earns Berth in All-Japan Ekiden Women's Road Race

Sep 6, 2006

On September 2, the APU Women's Athletic Team competed in the Kyushu Intercollegiate Road Race held at the General Sports and Athletics Field in Usami Town in Fukuoka Prefecture. A victory in this elimination round for the 24th All-Nippon Ekiden Women's Road Race has earned APU a berth for the 6th consecutive year.

APU finished within the top 6 runners with an aggregate time of 1 hour 41 minutes and 15.46 seconds giving them their 6th successive shot at the national titles.

The times of the APU runners who finished in the top-six are as follows:
1. WANJOHI Mary Wangari (APS 2, Kenya) 15:55:75
2. MWANGI Mary Wachuka (APS 2, Kenya) 16:32:38
3. MWANGI Miriam Njeri (APS1, Kenya) 17:06:79
4. NOGUCHI Yuka (APM3, Japan) 17:10:57
5. HAMADA Minako (APS 2, Japan) 17:14:95
6. USUI Rei (APM 3, Japan) 17:15:02

The All-Nippon Ekiden Women's Road Race will be held in Sendai on Sunday, October 29 and with the support and encouragement of everyone at APU the team will no doubt put in a performance that will make APU proud.

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