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"International Exchange Coordinator Workshop"

Nov 16, 2006

An "International Exchange Coordinator Workshop" was held at APU on Friday, November 10th - 11th, 2006. Sixteen people, involved in international exchange as a professional practice at APU and other domestic universities, participated in the workshop. The workshop aimed for the empowerment of each individual's work performance by reflecting on international exchange practices.

Lecturers from the United States, Mr. Gary Althen (former Director, Office of International Students and Scholars, University of Iowa) and Ms. Kay Thomas (Director, International Student and Scholar Services, Twin Cities Campus, University of Minnesota), both long-term pioneers in international exchange with a wealth of experiences, were invited. Mr. Althen is also the author of The Handbook of Foreign Student Advising (Tokai University Press), which is known as the bible of international exchange coordinators.

On the first day of the workshop, everyone was divided into groups to form a Mind Map about the "International Educator". The "International Educator" was analyzed from various perspectives such as the role of the international educator, the work content, required knowledge and competence, qualifications, and the relationship with society. On the second day, participants exchanged opinions by discussing themes of common interest. In conclusion, it was suggested that a network be set up between International Exchange Coordinators and to continue acquiring tips regarding International Exchange practice as gained through this workshop.

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