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Namaste! APU ready for a week of Indian Delight

Jan 5, 2005

The new year has barely started but APU is already in full swing again. This week, it is Indian Week. With an enthusiasm that is unrivaled, the Indian students have spent weeks of preparation to bring you a mix of cultural delight and traditional bonanza.
Namaste, the famous Hindi greeting, is a word you will hear often on campus this week. The APU student body counts no less than sixty-seven Indian students and all of them have joined hands in order to make Indian week a success. Thanks to their hard work, there are plenty of events coming up to make the return to school after the New Year Holiday a lively one.

Everybody at APU is invited to come and experience the richness of everything India has to offer. Most amazing is perhaps the variety of this vast country. A mix of old and new and an incredible diversity of culture from the far North to the deep South. A fine selection of this will be displayed during the Indian Week.

A highlight of the Indian Week will be the "Welcome to India" show. The show promises to be a showcase of Indian culture and its passion. It will undoubtedly become a feast of artistic performances, combining tradition and modern culture.

"Welcome to India" will have different sessions on January 11 and 13. On a stage in the main hall of the APU Cafeteria, you can witness whirling performances as well as fashion shows displaying the colourful dresses of the Indian civilization.

While you are at the cafeteria, you will have the chance to try spicy, mouth-watering Indian dishes and delicacies. Last but not least, don't overlook the surprise booth near the exit of the cafeteria that will gladly welcome you.

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