Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University



11th Top Executive Lecture

Dec 11, 2006

APU welcomed Mr Tadao Takahashi, the Executive Vice President of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., as guest speaker for the 11th Top Executive Lecture.Titled '"Globalization of Nissan – how to live at a time of global business", the lecture began with an explanation of how Nissan managed to overcome temporary decline through innovation in management. Two central concepts were "transparency" - the sharing of all information with all persons, especially concerning problems – and "cross functional, cross-cultural" in organizational structure to eliminate barriers in the organization and open channels for communication and cooperation.

Mr Takahashi's also spoke of the skills and attributes that employers are looking for in people, namely the ability to absorb information, listen to others, communicate and cooperate as well as potential and a willingness to take aboard challenges. In his parting message to the 700 plus students in attendance, Mr Takahashi encouraged students to maintain their thirst and ability to learn and to become individuals able to inspire and motivate those above.

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