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Report on PRENGO's Latest Work

Jan 19, 2007

APU Student Circle PRENGO Receives Accreditation for 120th Anniversary of Japan-Thailand Diplomatic Relations and Awarded 6th SONY Marketing Student Volunteer Fund for 3rd Consecutive YearOfficial group accreditation was given to APU Student Circle PRENGO for the 120th Anniversary of Japan-Thailand Diplomatic Relations.

This initiative was set-up by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs in honor of the 120th Anniversary of Japan-Thailand Diplomatic Relations in 2007, which supports selected "grass-roots movements" which foster good relations between Japan and Thailand.

The "Supporting Local Communities 2007" movement which PRENGO plans to carry out in February 2007 was nominated for this Diplomatic Relations program. In addition, PRENGO was also the recipient of the 6th SONY Marketing Student Volunteer Fund for the 3rd consecutive year since 2004.

The "SONY Marketing Volunteer Fund" mainly supports activities which are carried out by university students. PRENGO plans to use this subsidy towards "Supporting Local communities 2007" in cultivating herbs with children and improving the quality of residents living in Thailand.

"Supporting Local Communities 2007" will be carried out over 21 days from February 6th to February 27th. PRENGO plans to visit Ban Khao Huai Mahad School, its surrounding districts in Banchang City Rayong Province, various Japanese companies, and research facilities connected to the One Tambon One Product Movement (OTOP), which is the Thai equivalent of Oita Prefecture's One Village One Product Movement (OVOP).

Please refer below for the program schedule.

Activities Planned for Mahad School and Surrounding Districts
For Children:
Visiting homes of foster children, cultivating herbs, holding classes on market experiences (production and marketing of soaps), lessons on nutrition, AIDS/drug workshops (picture-card show/roll plays), field studies, sewing etc.
For Residents:
Social gathering, project to promote family veggie plots, cultivating herbs, lessons on nutrition, making of Thai fisherman pants etc.

Companies/Facilities to Visit
Fisherman pants factory, Molten Thailand (maker of sports balls), Thai Honda, Mae Ping River Cruise, Ban Sai County, Wat Phra Bam Nam Phu Temple, Rayongwittayakom School, Prince Royal High School etc.

PRENGO will hold a photograph exhibit of projects undertaken in 2006 at the APU cafeteria exit from January 18th to February 2nd. We hope many people will come and view the photos and discover what this NPO is up to.

120th Anniversary of Japan-Thailand Diplomatic Relations 2007:
SONY Marketing Volunteer Fund HP:

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