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PRENGO awarded Sony Marketing Volunteer fund for university volunteer groups!

Jan 11, 2005

PRENGO, which is an officially recognized Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University circle (representative: WAKABASHI Yasuhiro, APM 2nd year), has been selected by SONY Marketing Inc. for the 4th SONY Marketing Student Volunteer Fund.

PRENGO is a student NGO that carries out education assistance activities and community development work in Thailand. Their primary activities thus far include assistance in agricultural matters; producing picture books in Thai; foster parent programs; and the AIDS illustrated picture card project amongst other programs.

From 2004 PRENGO commenced the promotion of the One Village, One Product Movement within Thailand. It has also been conducting market analysis and local distribution surveys, and it is aiming to develop local specialties in assisted areas; in addition to business enterprises that provide stable wage and working conditions.

The circle has scheduled a 17 day trip to Thailand from 30 January 2005. PRENGO will conduct collaborative research on the One Village, One Product Movement at Chiang Mai University; attend training sessions for NGO's dealing with AIDS; carry out surveys on working conditions in Japanese companies; conduct education assistance activities in Layon Prefecture; and carry out agricultural assistance activities.

The SONY Marketing fund PRENGO received will go towards on-sight research for the development of agricultural, educational, and local industries.

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