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JEITA Expert Committee on Semiconductor Industries Visits APU

May 25, 2007

A group representing 'The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) Expert Committee on Semiconductor Industries' paid a visit to APU on Friday, May 25th. This Committee is involved in operations with a variety of business consortiums who, through discussion of topics such as corporate management, business and human resource development, production and distribution, aim at the promotion of semiconductor industries. Recently they have engaged in an exchange of ideas with universities and research organizations on what, in their opinion, are the pressing topics of the securement and development of excellent human resources and relations with research bodies.

As one of the main focuses of the Committee is to procure excellent international human resources, the purpose of the visit was to hold discussions with international students on what they considered were important issues facing Japanese companies in regards to securing human resources in the IT and semiconductor-related fields.

Mr Takuzo Uemura, the Director of the Semiconductor Board of JEITA, (Manager of the LSI Product Planning Department, LSI Development Systems Headquarters, Rohm Co., Ltd.), gave a presentation on the topic of Japanese industries. After his presentation, about 16 international students meet with 18 members of the committee for group discussions.

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