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"RITSUMEX '07 All Ritsumeikan Day in Tokyo"

Nov 6, 2007

On Sunday 4th November, Ritsumeikan Academy and the APU Alumni Association joined forces for the "RITSUMEX '07 All Ritsumeikan Day in Tokyo", a major event attended by members of Ritsumeikan and APU, which took place at the Tokyo International Forum.At the same time as "RITSUMEX '07", events limited to alumni only included the 'All-Rits Ritsumeikan Alumni Convention', an event held annually in Kyoto for all alumni members, and the 'All-Rits Career Exchange Salon'. The latter event was designed to give younger alumni the opportunity to do some networking and engage in exchange with various industry professionals.

In addition to the alumni-only events, there were many other activities such as stage performances by celebrity graduates of Ritsumeikan Academy and an Open Campus event. With so many events held in grand style at the Tokyo International Forum, it proved to be a very rewarding day for the wide range of people connected to Ritsumeikan Academy, high school students and members of the public, who attended the events.

Both the APU and RU Alumni Associations pooled their resources for the success of this first-ever Tokyo event. In addition, 100 current APU students attended the event, and a round table conference was held between the students and APU alumni.

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