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Feb 11, 2005

CROSSOVERSEA 2005 was a huge success in raising funds for the Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami victims.

CROSSOVERSEA 2005 fundraising events commenced on January 25th and APU student volunteers held a flea market and sold tacos on campus to collect donations for the Earthquake and Tsunami victims.

On the evening of January 28th "the last day of events" many audience members were mesmerized by the vivid display of traditional dances put on in the Millennium Hall. After the performance, the audience went outdoors and helped release 1305 balloons into the sky as a symbolic gesture to express prayers for the victims and to convey hopes for restoration and development in the afflicted countries.
At midday on the same day, kindergarten students and their parents gathered on the grounds of Mizobe Gakuen College and also released balloons in support of the victims. The balloons that were used in these events were all environmentally friendly.

Also, on January 31st, a student representative from the Tsunami Charity Student Group, Ai no Nami, visited the Oita Prefecture Branch of the Japanese Red Cross and handed over donations to the total value of 1,204,356 yen to the Branch Director, Mr. Outsuka Shigeki.

The donations will be passed onto the Tokyo Branch of the Japanese Red Cross and will go towards disaster relief activities. Thank you very much to contributing to this worthwhile cause.

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