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2007 Summer Field Trip Post-Program Debriefing Session

Dec 4, 2007

During the 2007 summer session, ten students participated in a field trip implemented by APU entitled "Local Business Start-Up in Malaysia - Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Start-Up in Japan: A Comparative Study", and on Wednesday 28th November 2007, the post-program debriefing session for this field trip was held at APU.The aim of this program was to study the condition of local businesses in Malaysia, and ultimately to analyze the issues and compare the situation of small businesses in other Asian countries with those in Japan.

Before leaving for Malaysia, the participating APU students conducted surveys of small and medium-sized businesses in the Beppu and Oita area, as well as learning about the current situation of small Japanese companies in general. In Malaysia, they visited various local companies to carry out the same kind of interviews. Furthermore, in the spirit of intercultural exchange, the APU students engaged in activities with students from the business school of a local Malaysian university, including carrying out research together, and giving presentations about small businesses in their respective countries.

At the recent debriefing session, various presentations were made by the program participants and the accompanying professors Igusa and Natsuda, which included the students’ research results and a brief overview of the program. The students presented the results of their research on the furniture industry, on small business policy, industrial policy, and gave a general description of the economy in Malaysia.

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