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Oita Prefecture High School Chinese Speech Contest held at APU

Dec 7, 2007

On Friday 23rd November 2007, the first Oita Prefecture High School Chinese Speech Contest was held at APU.As part of an APU Confucius Institute project, this contest was held in succession to the Oita Prefecture High School Chinese Language Recital Contest, which was launched last year by the Society of High School Chinese Language Education, Oita Branch.

Twenty-five of Oita Prefecture's high school students took part in the speech contest which was made up of three categories: a recitation category, a reading category and a free category. The participants displayed the fruits of their efforts through their awareness of their pronunciation, speaking volume, fluency and power of expression, which were all points being judged upon.

While awaiting the judges' final decision, the participants had the opportunity to interact in Chinese with the Chinese students currently studying at APU. Introducing themselves and exchanging information about their respective student lives proved to be a great chance for the high school students to put into practice their everyday conversational skills.

The contest prizewinners were as follows:

Recitation Category
First Prize: ODA, Minako (Oita West High School)
Runner-up Prize: SHINNOU, Fumika (Saiki Hounan High School)
Special Award: TANIGAWA, Shiho (Saiki Hounan High School)

Reading Category
First Prize: MIMATA, Kaori (Saiki Hounan High School)
Runner-up Prize: HASHIMOTO, Chizuru (Oita West High School)
Special Award: FURUTA, Tomoko (Oita West High School)

Free Category
HIMENO, Mikako (Oita West High School)

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