Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University



Sports Event at AP House

Dec 17, 2007

On Sunday 9th December 2007, a sports event entitled "APU Olympics" was held at APU for the student residents of AP House.

As interaction between students living on the same floor takes place every day, this event was held to increase more opportunities for exchange with students on other floors and wings of AP House, where a total of almost 1250 students live.

Although a considerable amount of the preparations were carried out by the RA's, everyone pulled together to enhance their lives at AP House through this sports event, and interaction between the students was rejuvenated as a result.

On the day, the "APU Olympics" got going with various performances and sports including a tug of war, rival floor "tamaire" (a game in which balls are thrown into a basket on a high pole) and basketball. The events were held at the gymnasium and the main ground, and the students seemed to enjoy this opportunity for cultural exchange and the chance to make new friends.

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