Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University



AP House Student Residents Establish "Kyoto Peace Exchange Tour"

Jan 17, 2008

From 14th December 2007, 79 student residents of AP House organised a 4-day Peace Exchange Tour to Kyoto.

The group went on a tour of Ritsumeikan University's Kinugasa Campus International Peace Museum, and held an opinion exchange on the theme of Peace with 17 students from Ritsumeikan University. In the evening a joint dinner party was held for the APU students to interact and deepen bonds with RU students and members of the Ritsumeikan Family.

This tour gave the participants the chance to think anew about what they could do for Peace and they were able to grasp different ideas about this topic. They also went on a tour of Kyoto's Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines and other historic sites, coming into contact with Japanese culture and history. At the end of the four days, the participants appeared to be very satisfied with their Kyoto Peace Exchange Tour.

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