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AY2008 Fall Semester Award Ceremony for Information System Assistants and Library Assistants

Jan 18, 2008

On Wednesday 9th January, the 2008 Fall Conferral Ceremony for Information System Assistants (SAs) and Library Assistants (LAs) was held at the APU Convention Hall.This ceremony was held to recognise the achievements and present certificates of completion to five SAs and two LAs who will graduate from APU in March this year. The primary task of Information System Assistants, known as "Information SAs", is to help resolve technical problems in the information processing facilities. The main duty of Library Assistants, referred to as "LAs", is to support study and research within the APU library.

After the ceremony, SHUDO Kouhei (APS4, Japan) looked back on his fulfilling experience as an SA, "In my 2沼years as an Information System Assistant, I realized on many occasions that this is a job that cannot be done alone. With the cooperation of other SAs and the office staff, I enjoyed learning the various aspects of the job including homepage creation, writing up manuals and web CT lectures for teachers. Through this job, I have vastly improved my communication skills and after graduation I plan to work for an electronics trading company. I am really looking forward to utilising all that I have learned until now in my new job."

CHOI Byung-Su (APM4, Korea) said, "At first I could only perform my work as a Library Assistant under the guidance of the library office staff, but in April 2007 LAs were given the responsibility to carry out a range of library activities independently. In my 2沼years as an LA, there were various difficulties, but I was able to overcome them and take on new challenges with the help of my friends. I am very happy that I was able to gain such a valuable experience at APU."

It is hoped that after graduation, the former SAs and LAs will be able to draw upon these valuable experiences to contribute to the development of a richer society.

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