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Japanese Language Teachers and Trainee Language Teachers from Australia visit APU

Jan 29, 2008

For two weeks, from Monday 7th to Monday 21st January, APU welcomed a party of 53 Japanese language teachers and trainee language teachers on government dispatch from Australia.
To give Australian teachers the opportunity to brush up their Japanese language skills, Melbourne University is commissioned by the Australian government to plan and implement the Endeavor Language Teacher Fellowships-Japan (ELTF), an Australian Government initiative to help improve the language proficiency of Australian language teachers. Japanese teachers are selected from schools all over Australia to come to Japan to take part in a 3-week training course, two weeks of which is devoted to studying Japanese language education at a Japanese educational institution.

This year, the intensive Japanese language education session took place at APU. During the two week course, the teachers studied not only Japanese language, but they were also able to experience Japanese culture and customs, such as Japanese calligraphy, tea ceremony and cooking classes.

In the advanced Japanese language class, there were reading exercises and opinion exchanges about current events in Japan, such as the recent pension problem, and as a result the teachers were able to deepen their knowledge about Japan, as well as improve their Japanese language skills.

It is hoped that their experience at APU will reinforce their instruction of the Japanese language in Australia henceforth.

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