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Wadaiko 'Raku' to Perform in China

Mar 10, 2008

Active for seven years and with sixty members, APU student Japanese drum group, Wadaiko 'Raku', is in the middle of intense preparation for a performance in China. The group has previously performed abroad in Mongolia and Taiwan, and in February they performed together with the APU student Japanese dance group Mai 'Raku'.Around half of Wadaiko 'Raku' members are international students and every now and then, you may see a Japanese student offering an explaining to an Indonesian student in their native language. "Wadaiko" (Japanese drumming) is one of Japan's traditional performing arts, but at APU, this group has a real international flavour.

However some of the Japanese group members commented that it is difficult to explain in another language, Japanese expressions such as "gutto te wo agete, sutto te wo sageru", which means "raise the hands up high and lower them quickly and quietly". However at times like this when explanations cannot be made in words, gestures and physical demonstrations come in very useful.

Having enthusiasm and a passion for Japanese drumming in common, practice is something that is taken seriously, and it is an impressive sight to see every member striving to gain the proper technique and power of expression.

The performance of Wadaiko 'Raku' is so powerful that it always moves the audience, and it also makes a great impression when every group member on stage unites together as one to make the performance a great success. It is certain that Wadaiko 'Raku' will again impress both the audience and their fellow members when they take to the stage once more to give a superb performance in China.

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