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19th All Japan Model United Nations Conference

Mar 14, 2008

Ten members of one of APU's registered student organizations, "Model United Nations" (MUN), participated in "The 19th All Japan Model United Nations Conference" which was held from 26th to 29th December 2007 in Tokyo.
This conference was divided into five conference themes: 1. Security Council; 2. General Assembly-Plenary Meeting; 3. General Assembly 2nd Committee; 4. General Assembly 6th Committee; 5. The 29th Special Session of the General Assembly, and participants selected which conference to participate in according to their individual interests. Discussion ensued and two members of APU's MUN organisation received prizes for their participation: the "Working Paper (WP) Prize" and the "Secretary Prize".

Mr IGUCHI Satoshi (APS3, Japan) received the "WP Prize" for serving as ambassador for Japan in conference 4, the "General Assembly 6th Committee", with the discussion centering on the topic of "Death Penalty Issues Related to International Crime Control". Mr Iguchi said, "The WP is an important tool used to share ideas about a topic or to elicit feedback in conferences. If you don't tell the other party your opinions and ideas, then you are not participating effectively in the conference. So in that context, I was very happy to receive the WP prize."

Ms SUZUKI Tamao (APS1, Japan) received the "Secretary Prize" for serving as secretary for a United Nations NGO, the Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP), in conference 5, the "29th Special Session of General Assembly of United Nations". The subject of discussion was "Promoting Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women as an Effective Means to Achieve Millennium Development Goals". Before attending the conference, Ms SUZUKI visited the Japan headquarters of WFWP in Tokyo to get advice from the staff about engaging in WFWP policymaking, and she was held in high esteem for her initiative. She said, "I was very happy to work at this conference, even if just a little. Taking part in the Model United Nations Conference gave me the chance to imagine what it must be like in a real UN conference, and I was able learn so much".

The APU participants came across various challenges through this experience and are even more eager to participate in this kind of activity again in the future.

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