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The Inauguration of the "Regional Collaboration Research Consortium Oita"

Mar 25, 2008

The "Regional Collaboration Research Consortium Oita" (hereafter, the Research Consortium), composed of 7 Universities (including the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, APU) and Technical Colleges located in Oita Prefecture, was established on February 26, 2008.This Research Consortium was established with the aim of causing research outcomes to directly benefit society by means of meeting their specific needs and contributing to the regional development, through mutual collaboration of higher educational institutions in Oita Prefecture.

Through this "academic institution collaboration", Universities and Technical Colleges in Oita Prefecture have committed to complement each other's expertise in order to find solutions to various problems the Prefecture is facing in its different regions, and to develop human resources in the Prefecture.

There is a general feeling that, when bound together, the impact of problem-solving research of the Universities and Technical Colleges in Oita Prefecture will be much stronger than when it is done separately by the individual institutions.

As a member of this Research Consortium, APU also intends to collaborate with local administration units (cities and towns) and private industries in solving problems of the region and contributing to the creation of a more active society in Oita.

APU will specifically undertake research related to such issues as, "Small and Middle Scale Industry Management of Technology (MOT)", "Development of Asia Pacific Human Resources", "Provision of Effective Academic Program through E-Learning", "Environmental Analysis and Impacts Assessment using GIS and Remote-Sensing Data" and "Resource Security".

These topics are included in the following main research domains: "Industrial and Human Resources Development", "Manufacturing", "Biosphere Analysis and Development", etc.

Composition of the Research Consortium
*Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
*Oita University
*Oita National College of Technology
*Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture
*Oita University of Nursing and Health Sciences
*Beppu University
*Nippon Bunri University

Please take note of the academic, research and international cooperation activities of APU, as well as its contributions to society.

(From left to right)
President KUSAMA Tomoko (Oita University of Nursing and Health Sciences), Board Member KORIDA Kazuyoshi (Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture), Director OHGI Keisaku (Oita National College of Technology), President HANO Tadashi (Oita University), President HIRAI Takayuki (Nippon Bunri University), NISHIMURA Akira(Beppu University) shaking hands with Vice-President YAKUSHIJI Kimio (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University) (rightmost).

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