Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University



2008 Welcome Events for New Students

Apr 9, 2008

Over a period of 18 days from Wednesday 2nd April to Saturday 19th April, an Event Executive Committee known as the "Welcome Committee", which consists of current APU students, is holding the"2008 Welcome Events for New Students".This purpose of these events is to drum up new members to APU's student clubs and societies, and to jump-start exchange between new and current students.

Beginning with the student performances at the Entrance Ceremony on 2nd April, various welcome events for new students are being held on campus at APU. These include "Cafesta!!!", a range of performances held in the cafeteria on the 7th and 8th April to introduce the student clubs and societies; a joint orientation session involving each student group on 9th and 10th April; and on 19th April the "2008 PicaPica Welcome Festival", which will bring the festivities to a close.

At "Cafesta!!!" on the 7th and 8th April, there were performances by 5 student groups, including a dance performance by "Yosshakoi" and a musical performance by the APU Symphony Orchestra, and on both days each group went the whole hog to promote their respective activities.

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