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2008 Spring Semester AP House Welcome Ceremony

Apr 15, 2008

On Friday 4th April, the "2008 Spring Semester AP House Welcome Ceremony" took place in the Millennium Hall for all new students moving into the dormitories this spring.

More than 600 new boarding students together with the AP House Resident Assistants (RAs) attended the event, and the ceremony opened with a performance by the APU Wind Orchestra.

To begin with, President CASSIM offered words of encouragement to the new boarding students, "It is important in the process of growing up to take responsibility for your own actions in every situation. As students of APU, I hope that your journey from high school students to young adults is a splendid one. Moreover, AP House is a place that will enrich your life and help you mature as a person, so please use our multi-cultural AP House as a place to create wisdom."

This was followed by a speech from SUZUKI Yoshika (APM1, Japan), who spoke on behalf of the new AP House boarders, describing her hopes for life in the dormitory, "I have become interested in international relations from talking to international students and by sampling some of the dishes from all over the world that are made in AP House kitchens. I believe that by living in AP House we can gain a broader perspective on life, and thus acquire the experience to help us become skilled professionals who will flourish in the international community."

Introduction of the Resident Assistants brought the ceremony to an end, but the festivities continued in the APU cafeteria with a "Welcome Dinner" hosted by President CASSIM. There were also enjoyable performances by the RA's and one of the student groups, "Yosshakoi", and the new boarders of AP House used this chance to start to get to know each other and make new friends.

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