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APU Students Lecture at Nagasaki Minami High School

Apr 16, 2008

On Thursday 27th March 2008, one of APU's registered student organizations, "APU International Investors" held an Investment Education Program at Nagasaki Minami High School.For this program, APU students gave a lesson in English and also a lecture in finance as support for career development and international exchange for high school students. KANO Yusuke (APM3, Japan), a representative for the organisation, APU International Investors, reported on the day's activities as follows.

"We, the APU International Investors, organised this activity to help nurture independent skilled personnel as the generation who will lead Japan into the world of tomorrow and, without depending on corporations or nations, to steer this turbulent world in the right direction by acting upon their own initiative and experience. Furthermore, we wanted to give the students a chance to think about what kind of things go on at university and encouraged them to take advantage of APU's unique feature as one of the most famous international universities in Japan. We also hope that this will be useful in widening the range of their choice of university in the future."

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