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Opening Ceremony for "Iwata Gakuen, APU/Ritsumeikan Course, APU Course 1"

Apr 28, 2008

Following the "High School / University Cooperation Agreement" forged between Ritsumeikan University, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and Iwata Secondary School (Oita) in May 2007, the "Iwate Gakuen, APU/Ritsumeikan Course, APU Course 1" began on Wednesday 16th April 2008. The second lecture was held at the APU campus on Wednesday 23rd April, and to coincide with this the "APU Course 1 Opening Ceremony" was held for the 20 high school participants and their parents, in APU Classroom H202.The "Iwata Gakuen, APU/Ritsumeikan Course", integrated at junior and senior high school, university and graduate levels, aims to educate and train students from Oita, who want to work on the global stage in the future. The Ritsumeikan Trust and Iwate Secondary School collaborated in the planning of the curriculum in order to establish this course.

At the opening ceremony, APU President Monte CASSIM welcomed the students with these words, "APU is a place where you can feel closer to the rest of the world. In the APU environment where you can study alongside young people from all over the world, I hope you will learn not only a new language, but also new customs, cultures and new lifestyle habits. Please do your best to build the history of tomorrow with your own hands and your young creative minds." To follow, Ms. KAWAGISHI Machika (Iwata Secondary School) said on behalf of the school students, "On this course, we hope to deepen our understanding of different cultures and sets of values. Everyday we will do our best to build a bridge between Japan and the rest of the world."

To continue, President CASSIM offered words of encouragement and presented course matriculation cards to each student individually. At the closing of the ceremony, Iwata Secondary School Principal ITAKURA Takayoshi said to the students, "I would like you to do your best, keeping in sight the goal to lead in a new society."

All the participants then went to the APU cafeteria for a convivial party and a campus tour led by the teaching assistants (TA) chosen from APU students. This allowed the students to experience APU's multicultural environment firsthand and helped build up their expectations about their future student life.

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