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APU Students Cheer On Ritsumeikan Sumo Team

May 14, 2008

Approximately 50 APU international students from 21 countries and regions, including Indonesia and Australia cheered on the Ritsumeikan Sumo team at the "48th All-Nippon University Sumo Championship", which was held in Usa on 3rd May 2008.

Including seven members of the Ritsumeikan Sumo Team, approximately 100 sumo wrestlers in all were chosen from 12 universities around the country to participate in this championship. Ritsumeikan University is a veteran school with a history which is famous around the country, and is well known for turning out strong professional sumo wrestlers in the past.

On this occasion, since the championship was held in Oita prefecture, Ritsumeikan University organised the supporters' bus tour to offer APU's international students a taste of Japan's national sport and also to encourage exchange between students of APU and Ritsumeikan University. The wrestling venue was full of enthusiasm and cheer for "Ritsumei" and the Ritsumeikan Sumo Team fought bravely to finish in the top eight in the team competition.

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