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Jun 26, 2008

On Wednesday, June the 18th 2008, a talk event entitled "The Relationship Between Contemporary Art and Society - Contemporary Art and International Issues" was held in the APU Student Hall. The talk show was organized by BEPPU PROJECT's Talk Event Committee.

The Committee is made up of APU students from BEPPU PROJECT, a Non Profit Organization that focuses its activities in and around Beppu city. BEPPU PROJECT uses Beppu as a stage for planning modern arts, performing arts and music events, providing both location and opportunity to bring artists together with local Beppu citizens.

BEPPU PROJECT President YAMAIDE Junya, and P3 Art and Environment Director SERIZAWA Takashi, participated in the talk event as panelists, addressing the relationship between contemporary art and society. They talked about the possibilities of art and how we view things through the art medium. Mr. SERIZAWA made the comment "I hear that while people like art they think that modern art is difficult to understand. The famous classics are of course exceptional, but I appreciate modern art as well because artists create their work around current day themes, showing the feelings of the people living here and now."

As director of the 2009 Beppu Contemporary Art Festival "The World of Mixed Bathing (tentative title)," Mr. SERIZAWA introduced the events being planned for the 2009 festival, as well as participating in an opinion exchange with APU students.

A Head of the talk event organizing committee Kentaro TSUTSUMI (APM 3rd year student from JAPAN), said "the creativity of the modern artists surprised me. They taught me the importance of looking at any one thing from a variety of different angles and viewpoints. I hope the students who participated in this event take away some of the information they learned and use it in their student lives. Through BEPPU PROJECT activities I plan on introducing the attraction of contemporary art to a large number of people."

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