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Spring Graduation Ceremony (B-con Plaza - 18 March 2005)

Mar 19, 2005

Spring Graduation Ceremony
B-Con Plaza - 18 March 2005

On Friday the 18th of March we congratulated 578 new graduates at the Spring Graduation Ceremony.

Bright sunshine streamed in to the atrium of B-con Plaza, as students, family and friends prepared for the ceremony. Milling around, adjusting gowns and mortar boards - the mood was buoyant to say the least. The culmination for many, of four years of study, adventure, travel, new experiences, new friends and way too many assignments!

Moving around the atrium snapping photos, what struck us were the smiles and the joy amongst so many people. Excited graduates, proud parents and family. Smiles abounded. We thought you might like to share in some of the images of the day.

Quotes from the Graduation Ceremony

"As one of the pioneering APU graduates, your achievements in the world outside will, I am sure, inspire those who follow in your footsteps here at APU. Currently, the number of countries and regions of the world represented in APU's student body will rise to 75. We are indeed a microcosm of the wider world around us and, as a result, your influence is likely to be far-reaching."
APU President, Monte CASSIM

"This prize is a wonderful privilege, an exceptional honour, a great encouragement, and a remarkable reminder that in whatever capacity we find ourselves, we are called to strive to the best of our abilities to make a difference."
ANDO Momofuku Honor Prize Recipient, DOBROVOLSKAIA Anna (APM)

"Had it not been for our university (APU) we would not have shared this memorable chapter of our life, and would not have been prepared for what lays before us after graduation."
Graduate Representative Speech, CHALERMKARNCHANA Tom (APM)

SAKAMOTO Haruka (APM, Japan) - Spring 2005 Graduate

Looking at Miss Sakamoto in her stunning kimono, you wouldn't know that she was one of the key members of APU's Girls Track and Field Team, and served more than once as its captain over four years." The team consisted of Japanese and international students, so at first it was hard bringing different cultural elements and approaches to running together, but after spending long periods of time training together we were able to unite for the one goal" Miss Sakamoto explained. "I felt like quitting on more than one occasion, particularly when having to wake up early for training sessions come hail or shine, and during hectic exam periods at APU." However, "Despite the pain I preserved to the end, and I feel confident that this trait will come in handy in the future."

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