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The lecture by the Branch President of AJINOMOTO CO INC.'s Kyushu Office, Mr MURABAYASHI Makoto

Jul 25, 2008

On Thursday the 17th of July, the Branch President of AJINOMOTO CO. INC.'s Kyushu Office, Mr. MURABAYASHI Makoto came to our campus and gave a lecture to the Business Japanese class with the theme of "AJINOMOTO and Asia Business"

AJINOMOTO is doing business in 23 countries and regions around the world. Their Ajinomoto soup is currently being offered in over 100 regions. Mr. MURABAYASHI talked about the planning philosophy of AJINOMOTO CO INC. and especially their strategy targeting Asia. "In an expanding Multinational business, while thinking global, it is important to keep in mind employing the local region and the supply of raw materials to the area. They are making it their management policy to be recognized by the locals as good citizens through the company's contributions while not neglecting to deal with the risks. For companies advancing into foreign markets the co-existence with the local area is extremely important."

During the question time, the students asked such questions as "How do you feel about dealing with different counties' food culture?" "What kind of criterion do you have when deciding which country to advance into?" The question of "What do you look for in International students wishing to take up employment in a Japanese company?" was also asked, to which he answered "Regardless of being a domestic or international student, the ability to achieve mutual communication of facts and opinions is required."

Mr. MURABAYASHI, who entered AJINOMOTO in 1979, managed Ajinomoto Co., Ltd.(Thailand) for six years and in 2001 assumed the position of president of the Wan Thai Foods Industry Co, Ltd, which AJINOMOTO invests in, and put his efforts into the manufacture and sales of instant noodles in Thailand. At his current job since 2006 he has been putting his efforts into the sales of AJINOMOTO goods in the Kyushu Region, as well as promoting dietary education.

This lecture took place as a link to the Global Business Leaders Development Program (GBLP). The GBLP is one of the programs of the 'Career Development Program' which is commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry aims to develop human resources who will carry forward development of the Japanese economy and targets able Asian students who wish to seek employment in Japanese Businesses. The students were selected by set criterion, such as Japanese and English language ability, the faculty’s 3rd and 4th year students, over these two years, take programs such as internships and seminars (16 credits each) on top of their usual papers. The students are government sponsored international students and their fees are fully paid by scholarships.

Please click here for more details about GBLP.

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