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Many thanks for supporting "CROSSOVER SEA 2008"

Sep 3, 2008

Many thanks for cooperating with and supporting the registered student body "CROSSOVER SEA 2008" in its relief charity events for the Great Sichuan Earthquake and Myanmar Cyclone.
The students would like to pass on their thanks as outlined below.

Many thanks for supporting "CROSSOVER SEA 2008"
Great Sichuan Earthquake and Myanmar Cyclone relief charity events.

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
"CROSSOVER SEA 2008" Executive Committee

Many thanks for your support in the "CROSSOVER SEA 2008" Great Sichuan Earthquake and Myanmar Cyclone relief charity events from July 21-24, and also the donation activities held outside Beppu Station (July 12) and Oita Station (July 13).

We are very thankful to have received the cooperation and support of Beppu City and Oita Prefecture residents.

"CROSSOVER SEA 2008" was created to cross the limits of countries and borders to inform more people in APU's multicultural environment about the damage to both countries caused by the Great Sichuan Earthquake and Myanmar Cyclone which occurred on May 3 and May 12 2008.
We have perceived the disaster as not 'event in a far off country' but as 'a tragedy in which our family, friends and people we love are suffering'. Therefore, based on the APU philosophy of 'Freedom, Peace and Humanism', 'International Mutual Understanding' and 'Creation of the Future of the Asia Pacific' we have held various student initiated and events over the 4 days to support the reconstruction efforts 'because we especially at APU can do it'.
We hope that for those whom we received cooperation from, that the event has been a motivation for you to do something.
Regarding the use of the donations, we have been investigating, together with APU students, organizations which can use the collected money in response to the needs of the recipients. The result of that investigation is that we will be passing the donations onto the following organizations:

Finally, we would like to thank you again for your cooperation and hope that the reconstruction of the disaster areas occurs as soon as possible.

The following is a report of the donation activities and donations.

1.Period of activities: 12, 13 July 2008; and 21-24 July 2008

2. Form of the activities
(a) Street Appeal
Time:12 July 2008 (Sat)10:00-18:00 @ JR Beppu Station (East Exit)
         13 July 2008 (Sun) 10:00-18:00 @ JR Oita Station (North Exit)
(b) Campus donations
Time:21 July 2008 (Mon) – 24 July 2008 (Thu)
Place:On campus

(c) Donations from various businesses

3. Total amount of money raised: 549, 232yen
*The money will be evenly split (274,616yen) between the following organizations (4)

Donations to be sent to the following organizations:
For Myanmar: The Free Funeral Services Society (FFSS)
This is an organization run by priests and entertainers. Priests participate in the activities and the intervention form the military junta is relatively small. It has the widest scope of activities in the area.
Their activities include burying bodies which are floating in the rivers and lakes so as to secure the area's vital water. They adjust their activities in accordance with the local needs.

For China: Plan Japan
This is the China branch of the Plan Japan Organization in Japan.
As the support activities will be conducted from Japan we can have confidence that there will be little possibility for opaqueness or of the money disappearing.
One of their goals is to improve through architectural guidance, the inadequate construction of buildings which was a major cause of the two disasters so that such a terrible disaster never occurs again.

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