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Special Research Seminar held for the Administrative Staff from Chinese Universities

Sep 24, 2008

On Monday September 22, 30 University Executives from Hebei province visited APU as part of the Special Research Seminar for the Administrative Staff from Chinese Universities by the Ritsumeikan Trust.

The group will be in the country for about 20 days from September 14 and will learn about university administration policy, education programs and student support systems predominately at the Ritsumeikan University Kinugasa Campus. While they are here, starting with APU and then from lectures from other universities as well as by visiting History Museums, they will learn about Japanese history and culture and then will apply what they learned to the administration of their home universities.

A lecture was given by Director General SHIOTA with the theme of "The Internationalization of Higher Education". The participants were seen to be listening attentively to the unique APU education program which international students from around the world learn. In the afternoon they split into 3 groups and then, guided by international students from China, enjoyed a tour of the APU campus in which they visited such "learning places" as the Media Center, Library, a variety of class rooms and AP House. One group was served tea by students of the Tea Ceremony Club.

APU is regarded by universities around the world for its pioneering Japanese-English bi-lingual education, its realization of a multicultural and multilingual campus, and since its inception in 2000, has held a variety of research seminars.

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