Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University




Sep 25, 2008

On Tuesday September 23, the "RITSUMEX '08-Ritsumeikan Open Campus in TOKYO-" was held at The Tokyo Dome Prism Hall. At the same event, APU and Ritsumeikan University planned events utilizing the education / research resources of affiliated schools were held, as well as, entrance exam counseling for various schools. Over 5000 people came to the event.

APU was involved in these events: "Lets aim for a World Standard University", "Global x Eco x Science Forum", "Mock Lectures" "University Introduction / Entrance Exam Explanation" and "Students of the World and University Life Talk Corner". At the "Lets aim for a World Standard University" corner, 14 APU students and 2 Ritsumeikan University students welcomed coordinator, KONDO Yuji a sports announcer and Ritsumeikan University Alumni member, guest FURUTA Atsuya, former manager of The Tokyo Yakult Swallows and Ritsumeikan University Alumni member, and TV talent MANABE Kawori then introduced to them various countries' and regions' cultures and ways of thinking.

Among the vast array of different faces were APU students from 14 countries and regions and Japanese students with foreign exchange experiences along with Chinese exchange students from Ritsumeikan University who, together with the humor of Mr. KONDO, Mr. FURUTA and Ms. MANABE, got the crowd going by giving a superb dialogue about a wide range of topics.

At the "Global x Eco x Science Forum" College of Asia Pacific Studies Professor FUKUI Hayao appeared as a panelist and gave his comments from the standpoint of an expert in environmental issues.

Many people attended the "Mock Lectures" and "University Introduction / Entrance Exam Explanation" corners. At the "Students of the World and University Life Talk Corner" they were seen listening keenly to the words of APU students and the faculty staff as they explained the entrance exams.

Furthermore, the "RITSUMEX design 'Me' laboratory.", planned through the APU and Ritsumeikan University Alumni , was held where an enthusiastic discussion took place between participants and graduate students of both universities who are "designing themselves" based on their experiences gained through university life.

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