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APU Graduate Employed by Panasonic Corporation gave a message to the current APU students

Oct 15, 2008

APU graduate SAKAKIBARA Masako (spring 2004 graduate, currently working at the Panasonic Corporation Overseas Accounting Management Group) visited APU for the Career Development Lecture "Occupational Awareness and Career Development" lecture and, as an APU graduate, gave a message to the current students as she looked back on her school days.
"The first lecture I attended after entering APU (enrolled in APM) in spring 2000 was about knowing the region. This lecture provided me with the opportunity to learn about the founder of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (now called Panasonic Corporation) MATSUSHITA Konosuke as an example of Japanese Management. I was deeply impressed by Mr. MATSUSHITA's philosophy of 'Don't hit the nail that sticks out'. Afterwards, I gained a further interest in Panasonic while I was researching about it.

Furthermore when I was a 3rd year student, I was able to experience employment through my internship at Panasonic Industrial Solutions. It was then that my thoughts about wanting to work for this company strengthened. While I was looking for a job I went to various company introductions, but after thinking it over, my feeling remained the same and I gained employment at Panasonic Corporation, my company of first choice, in April 2004.

Currently, as an accountant for the overseas departments, my job involves foreign dealing systems and taxation, and I am also in charge of management assistance for foreign distributors in Hong Kong and Singapore.

At APU I feel that I have been able to gain an international sense without leaving Japan through learning together with high level students from various countries and regions. The knowledge I gained during the 4 years I spent learning regardless of race, language or skin color, has proven to be very useful in my current workplace.

To the students who will be looking for a job in the days to come; the ability to convey information simply, accurately and straightforwardly, unlike the way of writing an essay during your school days, is sought after. I suggest that you read a lot of books to improve your vocabulary and to deepen your knowledge. Also, please work hard to accomplish what you can in your current lives".

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