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The Student Group "APU Traidat" has been adopted by the Toyota Foundation Grant Program

Nov 17, 2008

The student club APU Traidat's project entitled "Finding Asia's new possibility - creating an approach to Asia by diversity and through sharing" was adopted by the "Asian Neighbors Network Program", a 2008 Toyota Foundation Grant Program. This is the first such adoption for APU undergraduate students.

The adopted project "Finding Asia's new possibility - creating an approach to Asia by diversity and through sharing" looks at the negative legacy left by the damage caused by Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. It plans to hold exhibitions in Japanese and Vietnamese universities about the Vietnam War and damage caused by Agent Orange; form an international student network; and hold workshops about the damage caused by Agent Orange.

The Toyota Foundation was established by the Toyota Motor Corporation in October 1974 and ever since has engaged in activities guided by the principles of "foresight, citizen participation, and internationality" in the hope of contributing toward an increase in human happiness and the development of society in over 20 countries and regions centering on Asia. The "Asian Neighbors Network Program" operates under the principle of "Connections between people open up Asia's possibilities" and is working towards solving the problems Asia is facing.

APU Traidat was established in 2007 and currently has 10 members. To date it has been holding meetings and study groups for the adopted program. In the future they plan to hold such events as photo exhibitions and field studies in Vietnam while continuing to hold study groups. SASANO Sakura (APS2, Japan) spoke as representative of APU Traidat of her happiness at the project's adoption and of projects to come "We wish to deeply thank all of those who have supported us over the last one and a half years. We hope that through our future projects we can get across our message that 'although your power may only be slight, you are not powerless' to as many young people as we can".

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