Notes from the President

Statement Against the Russian Armed Invasion of Ukraine

Mar 11, 2022

4th President DEGUCHI Haruaki

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, founded upon the declaration of “Freedom, Peace and Humanity,” is a diverse environment where students from all over the world gather to study together with mutual acceptance and respect for one another. As such, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University condemns the Russian military’s armed invasion of Ukraine.

We also believe that words and actions suggesting the use of nuclear weapons is dangerous to the safety of all humankind and must never be tolerated.

At the same time, we know this invasion is not the consensus of the Russian people. We also sense crisis concerning the complete control of the press in Russia, which is fixed on continuing the war, and the suppression of speech against those who oppose the invasion.

The APU2030 vision states that "APU graduates possess the power to change our world." Even at APU, conflicts arising from different customs and ways of thinking are a daily occurrence. However, students learn from these conflicts and form an even tighter community. We believe these learning experiences will be a driving force toward a more peaceful and happier world.

APU will continue its efforts to educate our students so they can contribute to creating a peaceful future free from conflict and war.

We hope that anyone who has origin in either Ukraine or Russia does not suffer unjust discrimination anywhere. We will provide as much assistance as possible to our students, colleagues, and others affiliated with our institution who are affected by this conflict.

Haruaki Deguchi
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

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