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My message to new APU graduates (Part 1)

Sep 18, 2012

3rd President KORENAGA Shun

The 2012 APU Fall Graduation Ceremony

Today, a total of 506 graduates—189 from APS, 248 from APM, 55 from the Master's Programs, and 14 from the Doctoral Program—will successfully graduate from APU. I heartily congratulate you on this achievement. Today, you will join the ranks of APU alumni. Opened 12 years ago, APU is still a young university, but there are already more than 9,000 Alumni Association members in chapters around Japan and the world. This April, about 50 alumni from 15 different countries who work in Singapore established a new APU Alumni Association chapter there. APU alumni form a network that spans the globe, and they work in various fields both in Japan and around the world such as companies, government agencies, embassies, media outlets and educational institutions. Many of our students have also advanced to graduate school. I hope that you will make the most of the strong ties among APU alumni as you go on to lead successful and fulfilling lives.

Last August, Presidents and Dean from five of Japan's top international universities gathered in Tokyo to conclude the Global 5 (so-called G5) Agreement. In 2010, the G4 (consisting of Akita International University, International Christian University, Waseda University School of International and Liberal Studies, and Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University) concluded a cooperative agreement, and the G5 was formed by adding Sophia University to this group. All of these universities have taken the lead in the internationalization of Japan's higher education, and I plan to raise APU's profile by working together with these institutions. Among these five universities, APU is the only one with a bilingual education system and a truly multicultural campus. At present, APU offers approximately 1,500 classes across 160 subjects in both Japanese and English, and the 2,600 international students from 83 countries and regions study side-by-side with their Japanese counterparts. The entire 6,000 student-strong campus is a multicultural mecca, and APU is the only university in Japan where students can spend their four years of college immersed in diversity. As you know from your experience here, APU provides an academic environment that allows you to unlock your full potential as long as you pursue your studies and activities in a proactive and self-directed manner. Our campus allows you to make friendships that transcend borders, thus widening your circle of friends, and to develop a can-do spirit. The skills you have honed here are the springboard from which you are about to leap into the world.

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