1. Extracurricular Activities
  2. Club/Circle Activities
  3. Establishing a New Organization

Basic Principles and Cautions for Student Organizations

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Student organizations are required to register with the Outreach and Research Office. Before registering, please understand the following points and affirm your purpose and activities of student organizations.

Basic Principles for Registration of Student Organizations

Students who wish to set up an organization have to comply with the following principles:

  • 1.

    Principles of international mutual understanding:

    It is desirable that a student organization will be comprised of students coming from different countries and areas under the APU philosophy of international mutual understanding.

  • 2.

    Principles of democracy:

    A student organization is required to conduct activities under the principle of democracy.

  • 3.

    Principle of forbidding violence and hindrance of academic freedom:

    APU respects individual freedom in academic activities and creates an environment for students to grow into talented people after graduation. Therefore, any violence or threat to the freedom of academic activities is prohibited on the campus.

Cautions When Registering an Organization

  • 1. Comply with the 3 principles mentioned above.
  • 2. Anti-social activities are prohibited.
  • 3. Organizations for the purpose of profit-making are prohibited.
  • 4. Violence on and off the campus is prohibited.
  • 5. Anti-social and brainwashing activities in the name of politics or religion are prohibited.
  • 6. APU students should elect one Representative, one Deputy Representative and an Accountant for their organization, and then report to the Outreach and Research Office when making registration.
  • 7. The bylaws of a student organization should be formulated, and activities conducted in a democratic way.
  • 8. Render accounts annually.
  • 9. When using facilities on the campus, students should comply with the relevant rules and regulations.
  • 10. When a false statement has been made, the head of an organization will be summoned to come to the Outreach and Research Office for explanation and directions.
  • 11. The head may be asked to come to the Outreach and Research Office to discuss matters regarding to the content of activities or account books.
  • 12. If any changes are made to the written documents concerning replacing heads of an organization, report to the Outreach and Research Office.

If a student organization cannot comply with the above-mentioned points, APU may order it to stop its activities or disband.

  • In principal, APU does not recognize any branches attached to the organizations outside the campus. However APU may recognize them if they follow the philosophy of APU and hold activities in compliance with APU’s philosophy.
  • APU may recognize student bodies (inter-college circles, for example) from other universities if their activities comply with the philosophy of APU, and their membership consists of more than 50% of APU students.
  • If any APU student organization conducts exchanges with the above-mentioned off-campus organizations, it should report to the Outreach and Research Office in advance.
  • You need at least Five members in order to register club.

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