Important information concerning heat stroke, lightning & thunderstorms, and sports insurance:

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Heat Stroke / Heat Illness

Heat stroke (or heat illness) can occur in many different situations, such as when the temperature is not very hot (around 25-30°C) but with high humidity, when it starts to get hot or on a day when it suddenly gets hot, or even when your body hasn't yet acclimated to the heat.

You can take a number of precautionary measures to prevent heat stroke, like making sure you are properly hydrated before beginning any activities and being sure to hydrate and take in appropriate amounts of salt both during and after your activity.

If you see someone who you think might be showing symptoms of heat stroke, you need to take appropriate measures as quickly as possible, which includes getting them some water and salt, starting to cool them down, and getting them to a hospital. Be sure to call an ambulance immediately If someone is unconscious.

We are entering the time of year when we must be aware of the dangers of heat stroke and heat illness during extracurricular activities, and need to take precautionary measures.

Lightning and Thunderstorms

There are also a greater number of lightning-related incidents during this season. When doing your activities, please remember the following:

  1. Check the weather forecast in advance and modify or cancel your activity if the weather suddenly changes.
  2. If you notice any thick, dark clouds gathering overhead, you need to be aware that thunderclouds may be getting close.
  3. Even if the sound of thunder is distant, it is a sign of danger. If you can hear thunder, then there is a real danger of a lightning strike; you should immediately seek shelter in a safe place (in a reinforced concrete structure or inside a car, bus, or train car).
  4. The human body is just as effective as a metal structure when it comes to attracting lightning. Be sure you are not carrying any metal. Even rain boots or a rain coat are not effective protection from a lightning strike.

(Taken from an advisory notice from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.)

Sports Insurance

The University has sports insurance that can be available to cover student organizations in the event of injury or accident during their activities.

In the interests of safety, organizations that participate in tournaments or activities outside of campus (especially sports-oriented organizations) are strongly encouraged to purchase this sports insurance. Culture/arts, cultural exchange, and volunteer activities can also be covered by this insurance.

You need to have at least four people to purchase this insurance, which can also cover your coach or advisor.

For more information, check the following.

Please keep this information in mind, and always remember to be safe during your activities!

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