Notice of Cleaning of Club and Circle Facilities

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Student organizations will conduct a thorough cleaning of facilities used for extracurricular activities on the date below.

All student organizations that use university facilities for their activities must participate in the cleanup. Each organization will be assigned a facility to clean.
Three or more members from your club/circle must participate per each location your club/circle is assigned to clean. Clubs/circles that do not participate or that do not have enough members participate in the cleanup will not be permitted to use university facilities or storage from August 1, 2024.
The Student Activity Team will send an email to the representatives and vice-representatives of the clubs/circles that must participate in the cleanup with further details (assigned location, etc.).

★★ Club/Circle Facility Cleanup★★
Date: Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Facilities to be cleaned and cleaning time:

  1. Student Union I & II: 4th Period -
  2. Sports facilities: 5th Period -

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