Circle Activities and Campus Facility Use One Week Before and During the Examination Period

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As a general rule, student organizations are not permitted to hold activities or reserve on-campus facilities beginning from the one-week period leading up to the start of final exams and the final exam period to focus on exam preparation. Please note that circle activities and facility use will not be permitted during the following periods:

Friday, July 21 - Wednesday, August 2 2023
Thursday, November 16 - Friday, November 24 2023
Friday, January 26 - Wednesday, February 7 2024

However, if there are student organizations that have a competition or event either during the above periods or immediately after exams and must practice or use campus facilities, please apply in advance. To apply, please submit a "Special Request Form” and an “Event Application” or “Participating in events hosted by non-APU organizations (off-campus)” depending on the situation. Student organizations may be permitted to practice and use campus facilities if the Student Office approves your application


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