Commencement of ALL (Active Language Learning) for Multinational Student Person-to-Person Language Learning Support -- GCEP (Global Competency Enhancement Program)--


Jul 4, 2016

As part of the Global Competency Enhancement Program, or GCEP1, participants develop intercultural skills through interacting with international students in the Active Language Learning Program. GCEP participants had their first meeting with Active Language Learning Program TAs2 on Wednesday, June 8.

The current GCEP term, which runs from June 3 until the beginning of August, has three participants from career backgrounds ranging from finance to service. In the ALL Program, TAs from 11 countries will provide practical one-on-one language learning support to the GCEP students.
As part of this, free discussion will be used proactively to facilitate intercultural understanding. The ALL Program will be an almost daily part of the GCEP curriculum.

1. The Global Competency Enhancement Program (GCEP) was developed to provide industry and business trainees the opportunity to experience our multicultural and multilingual campus environment while studying at the undergraduate or graduate level.

2. TAs, or Teaching Assistants, are student staff members who provide assistance to faculty staff through running curriculum workshops or assisting in classes.

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Global Competency Enhancement Program

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