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Alumni return to give advice to new students


Jun 11, 2019

APU alumni Tamura Annu ‘04 and Pak Andrey ‘11 joined a recent Introduction to Peer Leader Training class to talk about their time on APU's multicultural campus. They reflected on their job search and experiences since graduation to give advice to the first year students that attend the class.

Tamura is a member of the first graduating class of APU and has a career that spans both Japan and Australia. She works at an international language school that operates around the world. Drawing from her experiences, she talked about the importance of rising to the challenge, taking action, and lifelong learning. Tamura said the best part about studying at APU was improving her English and presentation skills in a diverse cultural environment. She also told the students they need to not only study English, they need to make use of APU’s diversity to develop the ability to effectively communicate and make decisions in international workplaces. She advised the students to try new things in order to acclimate to unfamiliar environments.

Pak Andrey, a graduate of the College of International Management, now works for a global IT company after working at a major Japanese food producer. His presentation used quizzes and mindfulness to establish a rapport with the students, giving words of advice based on his experiences at APU and after graduation. He also had some wisdom for the large number of first year international students in the class. Andrey touched on the communication skills and Japanese language ability that are required to work in Japan, and he talked about the importance of accepting other cultures and dealing with pressure head on. He also told students that the network of friends he made at APU was extremely useful when looking for a job after graduation and finding subsequent positions. Drawing from his own experiences, he advised the students to gain an accurate understanding of data, to work on improving their emotional intelligence, and to maintain their mental and physical health in order to deal with extreme pressure.

APU emphasizes the value of peer learning, a framework under which students can learn from each other and work together to encourage each other's growth. Introduction to Peer Leader Training provides students with the skills they need to succeed academically at APU and achieve their own goals, including interpersonal skills, bilingual discussion techniques, and time management skills, as well as the ability to make the best of APU’s multicultural environment. Teaching Assistants* are assigned to the class to provide the students with the support they need to follow the lectures and engage in group discussions.

Globally active alumni regularly return to campus to speak about the experiences and skills they gained studying at APU. Other programs include GOAL (Global Alumni Lectures), which invites alumni to meet with students and discuss the importance of language learning and communication skills to succeed in their careers.

*Teaching Assistants: Graduate and undergraduate students who assist with lectures and classroom management.

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